The Aryan (Brokpa) is a small community of Dard people residing in Ladakh region about 163km northwest of leh and 62km north of kargil in Ladakh. The habitation are mainly found in Hanu, Beema, Dha, Garkhon, Darchiks,  Batalick, and Chulichan villages located at the border between India and Pakistan.

The Aryans or Drokpa Communities are believed to be the descendants of Aryan race which is pure Indio-Aryan features, unlike, the majority of the ladakhis with Tibeto-Manglo looks and they have preserved their radical purity down the centuries.

They speak variant of Shina Language. Their culture, way of life is totally different from the rest of ladakh. Their culture is main attraction for tourist in thearea.

They have distinct features, tall and statuesque green eyes, high cheek bone, fair skin, with blonde hair, they consider themselves to be part of pure blood dive of the Aryan.

The community also claims to be the direct descendant from the Alexander Army, some of whom reportedly stayed back after Alexander abandoned his campaigns at banks of Indus river in 326BC.

Brokpa has maintained their purity of race and culture without being hostile to the influence from the outside world.

Brokpa have almost a fanatical attachment to purity, mountain,water, tree, and flower are considered to vary pure .Thus every Brokpa household grow flower. The flower are consideredto be auspicious and worn on head.

So don’t miss to visit this place when you are in ladakh. 

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